Blog   |  24-Mar-2021

AshwaBEST® – standardized ashwagandha extract

AshwaBEST® – Uniquely standardized ashwagandha extract (USP/HPLC)


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a popular Ayurvedic adaptogen widely investigated by modern evidence-based scientific research. With more than 3000 years of documented history of usage, Ashwagandha has won the consumer preference for a wide range of health benefits, ranging from stress, immunity, sleep, performance, vitality, muscle strength, fertility issues, lipid profile management and even in cancer

Adopting the concept of “AYURVEDIC SOLUTIONS FOR NUTRITION”, AKAY offers a range of clean and safe ‘Value-added Uniquely Standardized Extracts’ (V-USE extracts) with authentic, third party validated USP-HPLC extracts of Aswagandha, under the brand Ashwa-BESTTM


  • Responsible sourcing directly from farmers (Nature to NutraceuticalsTM)
  • Sustainable practices developed over 25 years, for spices & herbs
  • High level of transparency from sourcing to finished extracts
  • A proprietary process with water or ethanol/water
  • Holistic extracts with HPTLC and HPLC profiles with more than 10 bio-actives
  • Authentic USP-HPLC methods of analysis by third-party labs
  • 100% root or root+leaf extracts as per customer preference (confirmed by HPTLC/DNA)
  • Withanolides and Withanolide glycosides ranging from 2 to 30% levels by HPLC


** Customization of extraction process, analysis methods, plant parts (roots or leaf), and composition are possible