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Clovinol ®

100% natural proprietary formulation from clove buds.  Clove, a GRAS listed kitchen spice, is known as the mother of antioxidants, as it has got higher ORAC values compared to many berries.

What is Clovinol ®

Polyphenol-rich clove extract

Clovinol ® is a polyphenol-rich water-soluble powder developed through the hydroethanolic extraction of clove buds. It is clinically proven for its natural detoxification property, as it helps in eliminating the acetaldehyde content by three times from the human body and helps to enhance the glutathione levels naturally (150%), at a low dosage of 250 mg per day. This formulation also has strong blood glucose management and anti-ulcer properties. This ingredient is suitable for capsules, tablets, sachets, liquid shots and other functional food & beverage applications.


  • Establishes ‘intracellular redox homeostasis’
  • Helps to establish ‘balanced glucose metabolism’
  • Lowers postprandial blood glucose hike & helps pre-diabetics
  • Supports ‘lipid metabolism’
  • Elevates glutathione’ naturally
  • Activates ‘primary antioxidant defence’
  • An efficient ‘detoxifier & liver protective’ 
  • Helps to reduce ‘alcohol side effects & hangover’
  • 2.5X faster elimination of Acetaldehyde


Research Behind Clovinol ®

Clove is beyond just a kitchen spice. Akay’s innovation team identified the potentiality of clove and tapped the goodness and transformed it into Clovinol ®. Clovinol is clinically proven for its detoxification properties and hepato-protective properties.

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