The one and only solvent free (Zero ppm) organic bioavailable curcumin which is clinically validated for its enhanced bioavailability

What is CurcuFresh

CurcuFresh is prepared by fresh turmeric where it is never dried or solvent extracted thus providing a 100% natural, zero ppm solvent curcumin, prepared by an inhouse patented process and clinically validated for its enhanced bioavailability.

  • Improved pharmacokinetics
  • Significant free curcuminoids absorption
  • Supports anti-inflammatory
  • Enhanced tissue distribution
Research Behind CurcuFresh®

We all are familiar with the bioavailability of curcumin extracted from dried turmeric. Akay’s innovation team has developed CurcuFresh® which never uses solvent and thus providing  enhanced absorption of curcumin

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