A bioavailable green formulation of curcumin and debitterised fenugreek powder rich in dietary soluble fibre clinically validated for its free curcuminoids delivery and enhanced bioavailability.

What is CurQfen®

CurQfen® is also clinically studied for its properties to support/ improve heart health, brain health, liver health and joint health. The ability of CurQfen® to provide bio active free curcuminoids to plasma and further to tissues with improved blood-brain-barrier permeability is setting up a new benchmark in curcumin bioavailability. Moreover, the status of curcumin as a patented, 100% natural, non-nano, green formulation with a proprietary green technology - FenuMAT - makes it supreme and suitable as medical and functional food ingredient for chocolates, protein bars, sachets, gummies, honey, soups etc., in addition to capsules/tablets/soft gels/brisk effervescence forms.

  • Green Formulation
  • 100% Natural
  • Food grade
  • Clinically validated with more than 20 clinical studies
  • Blood-Brain-Barrier permeability
  • Customized formulations available
Reseach Behind CurQfen®

CurQfen® is the only green formulation of curcumin which is clinically validated for its enhanced free curcuminoids distribution. CurQfen® has set a benchmark in free curcuminoids delivery. Akay’s innovation team has come up with clinical studies for heart health, brain health, liver health, joint health showing the enormous potential of this 100% natural, green formulation. Inorder to meet the varying customer requirements, CurQfen® can be offered for different applications like tablets, capsules, softgels, functional food and beverages, sachets etc.

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