Blog   |  17-May-2024

Natural Green Food Color


Natural Green Food Color Manufacturer

Derived from the pure essence of alfalfa and spinach, our natural green colorant epitomizes purity and vibrancy. Harnessing the power of nature, we bring you a color solution that not only enhances the visual appeal of your products but does so with the utmost respect for health and the environment.

Natural Green Food Color specifications:

  • Chlorophyll Content: 5 to 10, ensuring a rich and vibrant hue.
  • Water Soluble & Oil Soluble: Versatile in application, our colorant blends seamlessly into various mediums.
  • Bright Green Shade: A vivid and appealing green that stands out.
  • Stable to Light: Ensures long-lasting color integrity under various lighting conditions.
  • Green Color Permitted in both EU and US: Compliant with stringent regulations, making it a globally accepted solution.
  • Replacement of Synthetic Color: An ideal and healthy alternative to synthetic colorants, offering a way to meet consumer demands for cleaner labels.

Natural Green Food Color Applications:

  • Dairy: Transform your dairy products with a splash of natural green that appeals to the health-conscious consumer.
  • Confectionery: Elevate your sweets and treats with our bright natural green color, making them irresistible to the eye and kind to the body.


Embark on a journey towards sustainability and consumer trust with our Natural Green Color. Enhance your products with the beauty of nature and stand out in the market with your commitment to health and the environment. Make the switch today and let your products shine in their natural hue!


Compliant with food safety standards, the product is used in various countries across the globe.