Blog   |  17-May-2024

Natural Orange Food Color


Natural Orange Food Color Manufacturer

Discover the essence of vibrancy with our Paprika Emulsion, a natural solution that brings a lively orange hue to your products. With a precise concentration of 0.15%, this emulsion infuses your creations with not just color but the spirit of nature itself.

Our emulsion is derived from the finest paprika, known for its brilliant color and depth of flavor. Harvested with care, each batch captures the essence of paprika, ensuring a high-quality natural coloring solution for your products.


Natural Orange Food Color Specifications:

  • Color: From bright yellowish-orange to reddish-orange, our Paprika Emulsion offers a spectrum of warm shades that mimic the sunset in your edible creations.
  • Alternative to FD&C Yellow 6 / Sunset Yellow: An excellent natural alternative that brings peace of mind and a reduction in synthetic ingredients in your products.
  • Stability: Crafted to be resilient against heat, low pH, and light, ensuring your products retain their beautiful color in various conditions.
  • Cost-Efficient: Designed to deliver maximum impact with minimal use, making it an economical choice for natural coloring.
  • Suitable for Water Ice: Perfectly adapted for use in water ice, adding a touch of natural warmth to every icy treat.

Natural Orange Food Color Applications:

  • Dairy: Reinvent your dairy products with a splash of natural orange, enhancing their visual appeal while keeping the flavors intact.
  • Confectionery: Let your confectioneries glow with the warmth of our Paprika Emulsion. Ideal for those looking to captivate with both taste and appearance.

Opt for our Paprika Emulsion to imbue your dairy and confectionery products with a radiant natural orange color. It’s more than just a colorant—it’s a bridge to nature, offering stability, cost efficiency, and a stunning visual appeal naturally.


Compliant with food safety standards, the product finds its usage in various countries across the globe.