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Resverafen ®

Resveratrol is very well known for its anti-oxidant, and cardio-protective properties. However, this molecule lacks its oral bioavailability of bioactive free form. Resverafen ® is the natural solution to this.

What is Resverafen ®?

Bioavailable resveratrol

Resverafen ® is developed using natural delivery technology;

Hybrid-FENUMAT™ to provide enhanced free resveratrol bioavailability of 13X.

  • 100% natural
  • Patented delivery technology
  • Clinically proven bioavailability
  • Supports low dosage (400mg)
Research Behind Resverafen ™

Clinical study published on ACS Omega showcased the enhanced bioavailability of Resverafen ® in both capsule (10.48X) and sachet application (12.98X).

Want to know more about Resverafen ®?

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