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Tinovin ™

Though the extracts with 2.5% bitters are known, Tinovin is standardized for 5 to 10% Bitters with high glycoside content

What is Tinovin

Tinospora Extract

Tinospora cordifolia is known to promote longevity, memory, & immunity in traditional systems. It has been reported to support liver health, blood sugar, and provides support to arthritic conditions due to its anti-inflammatory effect. It is known as ‘Amruthu’ or Guduchi and contains tinosporine, tinosporide, tinosporaside, cordifolide, cordifol, heptacosanol, clerodane furano diterpene, diterpenoid furano lactone, tinosporidine, columbin, and b-sitosterol. Use in the treatment of wounds, pneumonia, asthma and cough. Activate immune system and the body resistance against infections by stimulating IgG antibodies and macrophages.

  • Natural extract of Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)
  • Light to dark greenish brown* free flowing powder
  • NLT 5% by Gravimetric
  • Water Extract
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