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Marinades to Spice Up Your Favourite Foods

Marinades to Spice Up Your Favourite Foods

A spicy grill, a juicy steak or your favourite tandoori chicken is no more a restaurant food if you have the perfect marinades that suit your needs. Marinades are now an inevitable part of fries and grills giving a distinctive character to your foods, with their spicy, hot, sour, or sweet flavours.

What makes marination popular is its ability to break down the food tissue, allowing more moisture and more flavour to penetrate into the meat. Most marinades are infused with flavours using ingredients like spices, oils, seasonings and herbs which allow you to decide how your food should taste.

Why do we need marinades?

Marinating tougher cuts of meat tends to tenderize the meat and make them more pleasing to eat. Digestion of proteins becomes easier if the meat is marinated with naturally acidic additives, such as vinegar or citrus juices. In addition to that, marinades  help to lock in moisture so that your meat doesn’t dry and harden. A half-cup of marinade to every pound of meat keeps the calorie count down while giving you the best taste of its kind.

Also, marinating beef, fish and poultry greatly reduces the amount of carcinogenic heterocyclic amines (HCAs) released when the meat is cooked at high temperatures, as when grilled. Marines will minimize HCAs by as much as 99 percent. Adding rosemary to the marinades can improve the anticancer potential of your marinade even further.

Application of Marinades

Marinades contain three basic components – oils, acids and seasonings. Oils in a marinade lock in the natural flavour of the food and prevent it from drying out. Acids like vinegar, wine, sherry, citrus juice, yoghurt and buttermilk tenderise meat by unravelling its proteins. It softens the surface and allows the flavours to be absorbed. Seasonings like citrus peel, soy sauce, mustard, salt, pepper, herbs, spices, garlic, ginger, onion, chilli honey and sugar provide the unique flavours to your foods.

The longer the food is left to marinate, the more flavoursome it will become. But the ideal marinating time usually depends on what you’re marinating, the size of the ingredients and the type of marinade you are using.

Depending on the type of marinade recipe you’re using, meats could be marinated in the refrigerator for anything from 30 minutes to overnight. Vegetables can only be marinated for less than 10 minutes. For both acidic and enzyme marinating, be careful not to over-marinate meat. Prolonged exposure to acid will cause it to become hard or in particular, completely disintegrate in the case of seafood.

Different Types of Marinades

Indian Marinades

Marinating is a perfect way to infuse a great flavour to all vegetables and meat, and it is incredibly easy to do so. Leave your ingredients to marinate during the day to create a delicious meal in the evening.

 Spices like ginger, garlic and chilli are a must in most Indian foods. A typical Indian cuisine comes with the flavours of a mixture of spices ideally known as Garam Masala. It is one of the main ingredients in every Indian dish.

Indian dishes also take the advantage of yoghurt as an additive in marinades which serves a few functions. Firstly, it acts as the acidic ingredient to tenderize, and secondly, it acts as a mobiliser to allow the combination of different spices to penetrate deep into the dish, resulting in more flavour being infused. Thirdly, it acts to protect the main ingredient against the high heat during the cooking process.

India is a land of diversities and it is the same with the food culture of India. The marinades used in India depend upon the places where they are used.  We have different varieties of marinades like Amritsari marinades, Pahadi marinades etc that explains the flavours of different parts of India. Tandoori marinade and Tikka marinades are two other marinades that can be used to marinate chicken, paneer and vegetables based on your choice. Spicerich offers you an extensive selection of Indian marinades rich with the distinct taste of Indian foods.

International Marinades

The grilling game gets more global when there is a fusion of spices, oils and herbs from different parts of the world. Earlier, it was quite difficult for people to accept a taste that was different from what they had been used to. Today, we can see the markets flourishing with marinades from the most common combinations to the most different combinations.

Teriyaki marinade has a Japanese origin while Mexican Salsa has an authentic North American touch. Arabic marinades have a neutral but distinct flavour which is quite different from the Caribbean. Pink Pepper Lime, Lemon pepper, BBQ marinade, Shawarma marinade are widely accepted all over the world.

Spicerich Seasonings

Spicerich Seasonings offers exotic marinades that can elevate your taste buds and make foods drool-worthy. From steaks to vegetables, you can choose from our great range of marinades to give authentic flavours to your favourite grills and fries.

From Indian marinades to the most popular International marinades, we manufacture them based on the choice of the customers. We also produce normal marinades like chilli garlic, butter garlic, cheese and onion, chilli lime etc to spice up the daily foods of our customers.

Moreover, we customize flavours based on various preferences and tastes. We can never be happier when we customize the fusion of the most favourite flavours based on customer choices!

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