Blog   |  28-Jul-2021

Hepatitis can't wait

World Hepatitis Day 2021 – Clinically proven hepatoprotection

Liver is an inevitable part of the human body.  Having the shape of a cone, liver is a dark reddish brown coloured organ weighing approximately 1500g.  More than 500 vital functions have been identified and associated with liver and some of them are:

  • Production of bile and bilirubin metabolism
  • Production of some proteins for the blood plasma
  • Storage place of iron, glucose, important vitamins etc.
  • Converts excess glucose into glycogen and helps to establish balanced glucose levels for the body in need.
  • Detoxifying body from poisonous substances and drugs

However, liver is also likely to be affected by various pathogenic conditions due to a number of factors such as pollutants, toxic substances and microbes from food/water, alcohol, medications, etc.  The conditions may be aggravated to diseases, most common being the hepatitis, a chronic inflammatory state of the liver leading to extracellular degradation and tissue damage.

There are different types of hepatitis like A, B, C, D, and E.   Among these B, C are the most common. The statistics from WHO shows the impact of hepatitis in human population.

  • 1.1 million deaths are caused per year due to hepatitis B and C
  • 3 million new infections per year
  • Nearly 1 million people are receiving treatment for chronic hepatitis C
  • 10% of people having chronic infection with hepatitis B are diagnosed

Though different treatments are available for chronic disease conditions, relatively safe agents without side effects for the management of mild to moderate liver disorders, as observed by elevated liver function markers are not available.  Because, supplementation of current liver drugs for long duration is not recommended.  Here comes the significance of natural and safe nutritional solutions for liver health.

Turmeric, clove buds, cinnamon and asafoeitida are the most common kitchen spices that have been widely mentioned in Indian traditional systems of medicine such as Ayurveda.  Many preclinical studies have also delineated the efficacy of phytonutrients from these spices. However, their strong aroma, pungency and poor bioavailability are limitations for nutritional therapy.  

Spiceuticals®  provides a unique solution to these inherent problems of spices and herbs by developing standardized, 100% natural and clean label formulations using unique vegan biopolymers (Patented delivery forms and compositions). CurQfen®, Clovinol®, procynCi® and Asafin® are unique Spiceuticals® that have been shown to be efficient to support liver health, gut health and metabolic disorders.



For instance, CurQfen® is considered as a new generation bioavailable form of curcumin due to its 100% natural, clean label status and ‘Free’ curcuminoids bioavailability (45.5X) over the conjugated metabolites, with an absorption and distribution of more than 70% in free form in plasma.  Due to this free form delivery, CurQfen® is providing a substantial distribution of curcuminoids in organ tissues, including liver and brain. The enhanced cellular uptake leads to better efficacy as observed by the clinical study on healthy chronic alcoholics with elevated liver function markers at just 250 mg/day dosage!  CurQfen® provides 270-fold enhancement in total curcuminoids (free+conjugated) bioavailability!   


Journal of Biomed Research International, 2018 – A Novel Curcumin-Galactomannoside Complex Delivery System Improves Hepatic Function Markers in Chronic Alcoholics: A Double-Blinded, randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study

Journal of Biochemical Molecular Toxicology, 2019 – Curcumin‐galactomannosides mitigate alcohol‐induced liver damage by inhibiting oxidative stress, hepatic inflammation, and enhance bioavailability on TLR4/MMP events compared to curcumin

Journal of Toxicology Reports, 2021 – Safety assessment of a highly bioavailable curcumin-galactomannoside complex (CurQfen) in healthy volunteers, with a special reference to the recent hepatotoxic reports of curcumin supplements: A 90-days prospective study



Asafin® is another novel ingredient working around Gut-Liver axis to support gut health and provide a solution for functional dyspepsia symptoms as early as 7 to 14 days while providing hepatoprotection at just 250 mg dosage! 


Journal of Evidence-Based complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2018 - Safety and Efficacy of Ferula asafoetida in Functional Dyspepsia: A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Study



Clovinol® is a patented extract of GRAS listed clove buds clinically validated for liver health and detoxification at a low dosage of 250 mg. Clovinol® enhanced the glutathione level naturally by 150 % (better than synthetic glutathione) and helped in the elimination of acetaldehyde by 2.5X faster. In addition to that, Clovinol® was able to ameliorate the alcohol hangover severity significantly. Supplementation of Clovinol® showed significant reversal of liver function markers and inflammation, indicating the efficacy of Clovinol® in the down regulation of alcohol induced oxidative stress and hepatic damage.


Journal of Food Research, 2018 – Hepato-protective Effect of Clove Bud Polyphenols (Syzygium aromaticum L.) (Clovinol®) by Modulating Alcohol Induced Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

Journal of Medicinal Foods, 2018 – Clove Bud Polyphenols Alleviate Alterations in Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Markers Associated with Binge Drinking: A Randomized Double-Blinded Placebo-Controlled Crossover Study

Both CurQfen® and Clovinol® can be customized for different applications as per customer requirements.  A combination of CurQfen® and Clovinol® may be suggested for a synergetic effect on liver health.