News   |  24-May-2022

Patented hybrid-hydrogel technology provides sustained-release of soluble resveratrol


Resverafen - bioavailable resveratrol

Akay’s patented hybrid-hydrogel technology provides sustained release of soluble resveratrol. 

It is now well established that the poor oral bioavailability resulting from the low solubility, rapid intestinal/hepatic biotransformation and fast elimination from the systemic circulation is responsible for the lack of clinical efficacy of phytonutrients such as polyphenols

In a recent research article published in the American Chemical Society Journal of ACS OMEGHA, researchers from Akay Natural Ingredients (Cochin, India) developed a natural self-emulsifying reversible hybrid-hydrogel system (N’SERH) for the oral delivery of Resveratrol (RESVERA-FEN) in both capsule/tablets or beverage like sachet/gummy forms with sustained-release and enhanced bioavailability of “free” resveratrol.........

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