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CurQfen ® – A Curcumin Supplement for Heart, Brain, Liver & Joint Health


Curcumin Supplement for Heart, Brain, Liver & Joint Health

Curcumin supplement with free curcuminoids absorption

CurQfen® —  is the USA patented new generation bioavailable curcumin supplement with free curcuminoids absorption and blood-brain-barrier permeability. CurQfen® is the only curcumin supplement that has been investigated to enhance free curcuminoids bioavailability in human subjects and the measurement of the ratio of free-form curcumin to the biologically inactive curcumin glucuronides.

Curcuminoids, the natural yellow pigment of curry spice turmeric has proven to deliver many health benefits owing to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. However, the major limiting factor is its poor bioavailability due to its high hydrophobicity, insolubility under gastrointestinal conditions, and rapid degradation in vivo by the unique action of many enzymes in the GI tract1. Compared to CurQfen® most of the commercially available curcumin products are rarely absorbed into the body. Clinical trials employing 8 to 12 g of standard curcumin have resulted in only nanomolar concentrations of curcumin in the blood stream2. So, there exist ever-increasing demands for efficient and safe formulations which can enhance the systematic bioavailability upon oral administration, to transfer the therapeutic effect of curcumin, to the clinic.

Curcumin for the food & beverage industry 

CurQfen® is widely used as a food ingredient in both nutraceutical and food & beverage industries because this curcumin supplement is clinically validated for heart, brain, joint and liver health. And there are many dietary supplement manufacturers are using CurQfen®.

Absorption and organ tissue distribution of the bioactive form of a substance is very crucial for the functional benefits/therapeutic efficacy at the target site. While most of the formulations of curcumin deliver the conjugated metabolites of curcumin in plasma with no evidence of tissue distribution, CurQfen® has been shown to deliver significantly high levels of free unconjugated curcuminoids (curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin) into the brain and other organ tissues. Well-designed UPLC-ESI-MS/MS study conducted as per ICH guidelines was recently published in the Journal of Functional Foods, indicating its importance in the light of the recent study that the major metabolites of curcumin, namely, mono and di-glucuronides, possess no anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory effects.

Why do others choose CurQfen®

  • 100% natural; no synthetic emulsifiers
  • CurQfen® is a food grade ingredient
  • Employing proprietary FenuMAT™ delivery technology (patent pending)
  • Stable, water dispersible and bioavailable formulation of curcumin
  • Distribution of free curcuminoids in plasma over conjugated metabolites (45.5X)
  • Blood-Brain-Barrier permeability, Brain regional pharmacokinetics, cell uptake & tissue distribution were studied. Human clinical trials on bioavailability, stress, fatigue, anxiety, arterial stiffness (university Kentucky), alcoholic fatty liver were also completed
  • Supports low dosage

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