Akay's social commitment

Akay is a renowned name in the field of Indian Spice Industry. Our success story tells how we maintain a lasting strategic relationship with our stakeholders. In 1996 we started our chili processing plant in a small village in Haveri district of Karnataka State in India. During that time the village was very impoverished with alcoholism as the main problem and the families were struggling with poverty and finding it difficult to send their children to school. Akay decided to give employment to women only so that the compensation will go directly to their families.


Akay has proved that a small factory in a village could empower and transform the lives of many villagers. Our factory in Tadas village has now expanded with new extraction units too. Both Akay and Tadas village have benefited from the close association.

We are trying to replicate this success in the poorest regions of Cambodia, the South East Asian country. They have suffered for long from the war and famine and belong among the least developed and poorest countries. Cambodia has the highest burden of hunger and under nutrition. Activities undertaken by Akay in Cambodia include :