Unlock the wide world of plants, herbs and spices for your health benefits & care through the highly skilled and innovative approach of Akay Group. Utilising plant resources to newer heights, our team has been successful in building a reliable range of products from the production units of Akay.

Through deep-rooted and well-expanded research media, our efforts have always remained to excel in using plant extracts for various purposes. Hence, we ensure a close connection with nature while devising the latest healthcare & flavouring products for you.

Akay Group is extremely glad to have always collaborated with numerous valued local farmers & cultivators from time-to-time. This is our strong pillar of support throughout our research and sourcing methods.

We stay keen during the collection and processing of the botanicals & spices to keep a check on the quality. The in-house plant experts are always vigilant in updating the farmers as well as our production executives about all adequate pre-requisites and seasonal changes.

Take a glimpse into our specifications and definitions for ‘INNOVATION’ when it comes to the top-notch product quality and performance of Akay Group.

Product Innovation From the Markets

We are happy to have explored through a wide range of market requisites as well. Our realms of INNOVATION have expanded by ascertaining to the market taste & preferences.

Akay and its committed team have worked on various intra-organisational projects to develop a wide variety of products for the market. We have been and still tracking through all the latest market changes.

Grasping the consumer trends, we have been in constant efforts to develop health-boosters, flavour-enhancers and other foods & beverages. We have taken a huge leap in that matter and that’s quite ambiguous with the massive collection of products from Akay under different categories.

We wish to continue forward with such growing steps. And, that’s indeed possible with our skilled team and empowered customers; both deep-rooted in mastering the innovative approach.

Co-creation (Customizable by the customer)

Akay Group has developed over these years through a liberal inherent atmosphere. We club with our clients & customers well-enough that even they receive equal opportunities for advancement.

Our collaborations have always been path-breaking in various research and processing aspects. We believe it’s a rare & refreshing approach to welcome our own consumers to develop and contribute to our ventures.

As customisation has gained traction as the latest addition to improving quality standards, our efforts have been worthy & fruitful. We understand and clearly believe co-creation is the need of the hour; because our customers are our mighty assets. And, we wish to offer them what they deserve rightfully.

Latest, Innovative Technology

Equipment, starting from our R&D wing to our production units, the usage of innovative technology is a characteristic feature. Developing and distributing an effective product range is a promised guarantee card from Akay with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Our R&D wing comprises experts and hard-working individuals who focus on creating unique & efficient methods of production. Simultaneously, they keenly observe & research upon new endeavours when possible.

There are well-advanced sections under Akay that are devoted to research and technology specifically. Besides, our conducive efforts foster by partnering with equipment manufacturers to source highly-developed machinery and technical units.

Our green initiatives are built towards creating a sustainable environment for the future. We are also trying to master the field of botanical extraction slowly, but steadily using new & instantaneous technologies.