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Asafin ®

Ayurveda based solution for gut health, which is formulated by Akay’s in-house 100% natural, green patented FenuMAT™ technology transforming the normal Ferula asafoetida to Asafin®. Asafin® is a food grade and clean label.

What is Asafin®

Clinically proven natural ingredient for gut health

Despite the benefits, the goodness of Asafoeitida has not been tapped so far; mainly due to its gummy nature and unfavourable organoleptics. FenuMAT™ technology transform the oleo gum resin of Ferula Asafoetida; a popular Indian kitchen spice into sustained release microgel beadlets which allows easy formulation and safe consumption without feeling the taste and odour. Asafin® is clinically studied for reducing gastro intestinal discomforts, reducing early satiety and helps in reducing bloating at a low dosage of less than 250mg /day. Asafin is food grade, probiotics friendly and is easy to formulate with other ingredients.


  • 100% Natural, Food-grade & CLEAN LABEL

  • A water-based process with no residual solvents

  • A natural Prokinetic to restore bowel movements  

  • Convenient dosage of < 250 mg/day

  • Reduce gastrointestinal discomforts

  • Reduces early satiety

  • Helps to reduce bloating

  • Helps to reduce postprandial fullness

  • Asafin works with probiotics in harmony

  • Asafin acts via Gut-Brain Axis

Research Behind Asafin®

This popular kitchen spice’s potential was not fully used due to its unfavourable organoleptics. Akay’s innovation team has identified the potential and transformed this kitchen spice into Asafin® through an inhouse patented green process.

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