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ThymoDream ™ modulates stress-sleep-immunity axis safely

A proprietary black cumin oil extract (Nigella sativa)  modulates stress-sleep-immunity axis safely: Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study

No: of subjects - 72

Result: ThymoDream ™ was able to improve sleep satisfaction, improvement in sleep, and reduction in stress. Furthermore, there was a significant modulation in melatonin, cortisol, and orexin levels. Haematological/ immunological parameters further revealed the immunomodulatory effects of ThymoDream ™


ThymoDream ™ may alleviate sleep disorders, stress and anxiety 

Thymoquinone-rich black cumin oil improves sleep quality, alleviates anxiety/stress on healthy subjects with sleep disturbances– A pilot polysomnography study

No of subjects – 15

Dosage – 200mg/day

Result – Result suggested a significant improvement in sleep quality and a notable relaxing effect and ThymoDream ™ can be used as a natural remedy for sleep disorders.


ThymoDream ™ is safe

Safety Assessment of a Thymoquinone-rich Black Cumin Oil (ThymoDream ™): Acute and Sub-chronic Toxicity Studies

No of subjects - Wistar rats

Dosage - Upon conversion safe human dosage may be derived as not more than 900mg/kg b.wt

Result - ThymoDream ™ was found to be safe


Neuroprotective effect of ThymoDream ™


ThymoDream ™ has shown similar acetylcholinesterase inhibition properties as compared to standard acetylcholinesterase inhibitor donepezil


Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-arthritic effect of ThymoDream ™

Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-arthritic effect of Thymoquinone-rich Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) oil (ThymoDream ™) on Adjuvant-induced Arthritis

No of subjects - Wistar rats

Dosage - 50mg/Kg b.wt

Result - Thymoquinone-rich black cumin extract (ThymoDream ™) possesses a more significant anti-inflammatory effect than conventional black cumin extract oil with low levels of thymoquinone


Clinical trial on healthy subjects

A phase I clinical trial to evaluate the safety of thymoquinone-rich black cumin oil (ThymoDream ™) on healthy subjects: Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled prospective study

Number of subjects - 70

Dosage - 200mg/day

Duration-90 days

Result - The study reported neither serious adverse side effects nor any significant alterations in the haematological parameters. Thus ThymoDream ™ is safe for human consumption.