procynCi ®

Our Research Papers

Enhanced anti-diabetic activity of procynCi ® - C

Enhanced anti-diabetic activity of polyphenolrich de-coumarinated extracts of Cinnamomum cassia

Journal of functional foods, 2014

No of subjects – Wistar rats

Dosage – 200mg/kg body wt

Result – procynCi ® was found to be safe and showed 3.4 fold enhancements in relative lowering of blood sugar levels as compared to the standard cinnamon extract

Enhanced anti-diabetic activity of procynCi ® - Z

Effects of the polyphenol content on the antidiabetic activity of Cinnamomum zeylanicum extracts

Journal of food and function, 2014

No of subjects - 15

Dosage - 250mg/day

Result - A significant reduction and reversal of both FBG and PPG levels were noted along with a significant improvement in antioxidant enzyme levels.