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CurQfen ® – Beyond Bioavailability


Bio available curcumin

We all know that it is the multitude of health beneficial pharmacological effects, unique pleiotropic mechanism of action and extreme safety profile of curcumin as demonstrated by thousands of academic research papers that turned ‘turmeric’ (Curcuma longa L) as the most preferred herbal supplement of the consumers worldwide.  The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and anti-neurodegenerative effects of curcumin made it the best ‘bodyguard’ of human beings. But, the problem of poor bioavailability contributed by its hydrophobicity, water insolubility, and rapid biotransformation to relatively weak metabolites limited its functional and therapeutic efficacy. Though a number of bioavailable formulations have developed in the last 10 years, scientists discovered during last 5 years that “the real challenge in the craft of a curcumin for health is to have a Natural Platform Delivery Technology capable of delivering the bioactive forms of curcuminoids into systemic circulation for sufficiently longer duration and further its cellular uptake, including the brain”. CurQfen® is Bio Available curcumin used especially for brain health and disorders. Applications like Curcumin capsules, tablets, and chocolates.

Bio available turmeric extract

Curcumin undergoes rapid biotransformation to conjugated metabolites as glucuronides and sulfates – the major metabolites in the body; in addition to its reductive elimination. The conjugated metabolites are big water-soluble molecules with no cellular permeability and bioactivity and they get eliminated fast through renal clearance. Studies in 2014, 2015 & 2016 have demonstrated the very weak antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects of glucuronides. Thus, the systemic absorption of the free (unconjugated curcuminoids) was identified as of prime importance in curcumin delivery, though other curcumin glucuronides also have some degree of activity.  This explains the basic reason for bioactivity of all the formulations of curcumin, though to a limited extent.

Here comes the significance of FREE curcuminoids delivery formulations and platform technologies for functional effects. CurQfen® became the one and only ‘organic’ curcumin with peer-reviewed publications on BBB-permeability, brain regional pharmacokinetics and brain bioavailability with its CLEAN LABEL status; whatever you may call it ‘bio-available, bio-efficient or bio-equivalent.”  With more than 20 peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals, CurQfen® has substantiated its functional efficacy in brain, heart, liver and joint health. The in-house patented FENUMAT technology converts curcuminoids to a self-emulsifying amphiphilic colloidal form in the gastrointestinal tract for better absorption– 45X-free curcuminoids delivery & 270X total curcuminoids bioavailability for CurQfen®.

Contact us to learn more about its uniqueness, scientific evidence of its free curcumin delivery, functional effects at the lowest dosage, and mechanism of action. CurQfen® is available in different forms meeting the varying requirements of customers. CurQfen® is certified ORGANIC and is Self-affirmed GRAS. It can be used in capsules, tablets, soft gels, liquid capsules, effervescence tablets, sachets, gummies, granola/protein bars, chocolates, instant drinks, medical foods, and other functional food & beverages.

Why Choose CurQfen®?

  • Proven free curcuminoids bioavailability
  • BBB-permeability & brain bioavailability with brain tissue pharmacokinetics  
  • Cellular uptake and tissue distribution studies
  • Clinically evaluated for brain, heart, liver, joint health and in Sports
  • Patented FENUMAT technology
  • Clean label & Organic-certified
  • 100% Natural and food-grade
  • 100% Bio available curcumin

Condition Specific formulations

Bio available curcumin manufacturer

As we know, curcumin & CurQfen® has been shown to have many health benefits. It is also known that the co-administration of other phytonutrients and herbal extracts can have a synergistic effect on many pharmacological effects. Thus, we have created a large number of multi-component delivery systems using FENUMAT technology. Here the combination ingredients are coming as a single powder or beadlets with standardized multi-phytonutrients with better absorption and pharmacokinetics. Also, contact us for customization.  

Besides these above-mentioned combinations, customizations are available as per customer requirements.

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