Our Technologies

Xteralute TM extraction technology

The proprietary technology of water extraction, enrichment, the concentration at low- temperatures and powdering of bioactive-rich extracts from single or multi-herbs to produce ‘zero’ ppm extracts.

FENUMAT® delivery technology (Patented)

A green approach in phytonutrients delivery with enhanced bioavailability


Yet another green approach, employing the principle conformation-arrested collagen peptides for sachets

MaxFLOW Beadlets TM technology

The proprietary process to increase the bulk density, particle size and free flow of herbal extract powders.

INSTA-D TM dispersion technology

The proprietary-process technology to make highly porous microbeads with customised particle size and density for instant cold and water-dispersible powders containing lipophilic extracts, phytonutrients and oils

Non-leaching technology to prevent colour/dust explosion (Patented)

A film-coating technology for microbeads to produce stain-free, non-leaching granular powders to prevent the colour and dust explosion of turmeric extracts, 95% curcumin, etc.